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Beach finds

It was a cold and windy day today; the lake was violent and viciously attacking the shoreline.

In other words, it was excavation weather.

When the lake calms, the beachcombing will likely be good, with a lot of fresh bits unearthed and tossed up onto the beach. In the meantime, there wasn't much to find on the beach (and not much beach to be found–the waves were coming right up to the tree line in many places). I did find this sizeable piece of transferware (on the left), probably a piece of a platter, judging from its size and shape. I have a few other, smaller, pieces of this pattern but have yet to identify it. This piece will be helpful!


April 26, 2016

And then the lake calmed, and the beachcombing was good. Very good.

I made two trips to the beach today: one at noon, the other just before sunset.

Anna S went out first thing in the morning as well and found a few things for me.

Highlights: A matched pair of porcelain doll arms.

Anna S found one of them on the beach in the morning, and the other I found at sunset when I happened to notice it being tossed around in the water and had to go in after it and pluck it out. (There's a reason why I prefer beachcombing in boots rather than running shoes...)

I found a third arm, flexing its little bicep. I also found more pieces of Alphabet Mug, Elaine, Harvard, Sick Kids' patterns and a piece of the spout of an old tea kettle.

#BeachFinds #Pottery

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