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Beachcombing is difficult when there is no beach.

However, without the erosion of the Island, this project wouldn't exist...


April 29, 2016

Today was a sad day as I said goodbye to Gibraltar Point Beach.

This is the section that is to the south of Artscape Gibraltar Point. Last week when you walked down the main path through the trees to the beach, you would find a long expanse of beach in front of you. Now, there's no beach, just lake. Walking along the shoreline to the west is impossible, as the water comes up right to the dogwood bushes along the shoreline.

This is what that same section of beach looked like just a few days ago on April 26th...and I thought that was bad:

The question now is what will happen when the water levels decline again, the water recedes, and the lake calms. Will there be a beach? How much of this is permanent?

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