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Clouded Passage
Interactive mixed media installation, Camp Wavelength, 2016

Take a walk through the clouds via "Clouded Passage," an interactive mixed media installationm that is a simulated foggy passageway by day and a mesmerizing video installation by night.

Clouded Passage is inspired by the fog that rolls in off the the lake and through the trees on Toronto Island, transforming once familiar spaces into haunting, other-worldly, surreal landscapes.


Clouds are often associated with passage–from one place to another (whether real or imagined), from one state of mind to another, and from one mood to another.


Clouded Passage, reminiscent of the fog that often envelops the Island, transforms the path that leads from the performance/camping area to the beach into a surreal, transitory space. A space that is nowhere and somewhere, familiar and unfamiliar all at the same time.  


Taking after installations by land artists such as Peter JM Schneider, Linda Gass, and Kengo Kuma, who each use organza fabric in the landscape for a variety of purposes and effects, 150' of translucent white tulle fabric is woven through the trees and bushes along the sides and across the path so that it is reminiscent of fog.


At night, layers of tulle curtains hung across the path become a video screen, projecting dynamic videos of the clouds of Gibraltar Point. As Campers travel through the passageway, their shadows are cast onto the screen, illuminating (both figuratively and literally) their passage through the clouds and from one space to the next.

Fog rolling in from Lake Ontario, Toronto Island.
Photos by Melissa Goldstein.


Peter JM Schneider

Linda Gass

Kengo Kuma


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