Community Projects and Advocacy:


I've been very fortunate to have been involved with some really great projects, community groups and organizations over the years. Here are some of the things I am, and have been working on. Check them out!





Housing Action Now


Housing Action Now is a non-partisan coalition of Toronto residents and organizations including seniors' groups, housing organizations, legal clinics, human rights organizations, child welfare services, faith groups, neighbourhood services, and tenant organizations.


Together we advocate for policies, programs and services that will reduce homelessness and create affordable housing solutions.


Cycle Toronto Ward 19 Advocacy Group


The Cycle Toronto Ward 19 advocacy group works to improve cycling conditions in Toronto, and in Ward 19 in particular. You can view the things we've accomplished and the things we're currently working on here.




The West End Food Co-op


The West End Food Co-op is a multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit co-operative that includes eaters, producers, workers, and community partners.  It aims to provide viable food security initiatives that are specific to the needs of west end communities.



The Wellesley Institute


The Wellesley Institute is a Toronto-based non-profit and non-partisan research and policy institute. It focuses on developing research, policy and community mobilization to advance population health and reduce health inequities.



The Recession Relief Coaltion


The Recession Relief Coalition was formed as an emergency response to the 2008 recession. It was anticipated that the need for social services would rise sharply as a result of the recession, and at the same time, funding for those services would plummet as governments struggled to manage declining revenues and individuals and corporations cut back on their charitable giving.

The Coalition's concern was that an increase in the number of homeless men, women, children and families would result; that there would be overcrowding in shelters, deteriorating health conditions and increased mortality.