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Art / Mixed Media Projects


The Gibraltar Point Beach Archaeology Project

An inter-arts project that explores the transtemporality of Toronto Island and the erosion and excavation of Island histories. 

Visit the project webpage and blog here

Clouded Passage, 2016

An interactive mixed media installation for Camp Wavelength on Toronto Island. 

Visit the project page here

Murmurations, 2016


Photographs of murmurations of starlings in and around Harbourfront in downtown Toronto, printed on acetate and mounted in layers. Exhibited at Graven Feather's In the Round exhibition in 2016. 

Lost Souls Emerge from the Darkness

Assemblages of night photographs of old barns that I shot in Bancroft, Ontario, found photographs of people taken in the 1930s, and found objects (old coins, vintage buttons, stones, dried flowers, etc.) that create new narrative contexts for the people whose likenesses had been uprooted from their own histories.

Lost Soul Emerges From the Darkness
Lost Soul Emerges From the Darkness
Lost Souls Emerge From the Darkness

Can't live with 'em?


Aerial photographs of Toronto's modern-day battlefields.

Friend or Foe?
Noisy Neighbours
Tourist View
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